Patria Training Centre

Patria Training Centre has a mandate to develop and equip leaders to change the nations. Mature sons and daughters of God planted in society nationally and internationally will change nations as God works through them.

The first school planted within Patria Training Center (PTC) is Year of Training (YOT).

Year Of Training

It’s a vehicle and tool which has been built and shaped by God over the last 16 years. It is certainly not the only vehicle God uses in the kingdom but it has proven to be an incredible one. Year of Training was originally designed to cater to the needs of 25 - 35 year olds but since its inception the scope has widened and the course now facilitates 18 - 40 year olds.

The strapline of Year of Training sums up its intention, to train up leaders. People who can carry responsibility in the kingdom and influence the sphere God decides to place them in. Year of Training is not just about training people for ministry but for life. Leadership is a broad subject and the understanding of that word may differ from context to context but there is one thing everyone could agree on and that is the world needs more leaders! We work from the premise that the hardest leadership is self-leadership. We train every YOT student how to be led, how to lead themselves, how to lead and function in small groups and how to lead in a broader context. We work from the foundation that God wants to sow mature and not immature sons into the nations to see His kingdom come, that only once our foundations are sorted then He will permit us to go onto maturity and that wholeness is only the first step to maturity.

Apostolic alignment is a key principle that runs through the heart of the course; we cannot teach submission if we are not submitted ourselves. Year of Training is not an isolated institution but rather an arm within a powerful local church overseen by the local elders. We work from an understanding of eldership leadership and therefore each YOT student is first a member of the local church family and secondly part of an equipping track called Year of Training. We have a priority that every YOT student leaves the year with a passion for local church and the bride of Christ. Year of Training cannot function outside of the context of local church, it’s within the family of God that students are able to work out their faith and everything they are learning. With this in mind it's important to recognise that the Year of Training house parents are mature sons in the house, fully submitted to the eldership, trusted by the government, have gone through the process themselves and walk in favour within the house.

Understanding the purpose of the Year of Training student year helps put the course within context. YOT can help fulfil all sorts of needs and the course is designed for both the group and the individual but it’s important that we do not work from the part to the whole. We work from the foundation that everyone is equal in value and worth but not in order. God has placed different callings, gifts and responsibilities on every one of his children and we can therefore not treat everyone in a blanket fashion, one size fits all! Below is a purpose list in order of priority:

  1. Identify potential fivefold gifts.
  2. Identify the key gift of leadership.
  3. Growth towards maturity.
    • Personhood - Foundations and Wholeness.
    • Servanthood - Looking beyond themselves.
    • Unequipped leader - Responsibility, Gifts, Skills.
    • Equipped leader - Function, Commitment, Duplication.
    • Pioneer.
  4. DNA duplication.
  5. Life experience and purpose.

If you have any more questions or would like to know more about the Patria Training Centre and YOT please contact Pierre on 0726281728 or Charmaine on 0829456847 or email us at or visit our website at we also have a Facebook Page patriatrainingcentre.

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