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Every Nation

Every Nation is a worldwide family of churches and ministries that exists to Honour God by planting Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered, socially responsible churches and campus ministries in every nation. Since it was established in 1994, Every Nation has been making disciples, training leaders, and planting churches on six continents. Our vision is to see a multi-ethnic, multi-generational church that will reflect the fact that everything we do is for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Southern Cape Cluster

With Patria being part of Every Nation International Ministries, we firmly believe in raising and equipping the next generation and in establishing and planting new congregations around the world. Our immediate world in the Southern Cape includes an amazing bunch of towns and cities around George, and therefore our immediate focus is to plant a congregation in each of the cities surrounding George. These cities include: Mosselbaai (planted/merged in 2015), Oudtshoorn, Knysna and Heidelberg. Smaller towns will be included as time goes.

It is our heart to see Jesus glorified, and families restored. Our focus is to plant churches that will disciple people to the Truth. If we can restore families, our community will be better off.

Eastern Cape Cluster

The Patria family came into existence on August 14th 1991. In the beginning we related to IFCC (International Fellowship of Christian Churches) but when Ed Roebert, a founding member of IFCC went to be with the Lord we had no apostolic leader to relate to. Then in 2004 we were exposed to the vision, philosophy and apostolic leaders of Every Nation and joined in 2005.

Patria was called with a core mission to see families restored to the Lord so we soon had a close affinity with the five core values of the greater Every Nation family of churches. The core values of Lordship, Evangelism, Discipleship, Leadership and Family were already among the core values already embraced by Patria. Being part of a family is not just being able to identify with the core values and vision but also being able to submit to the apostolic leaders. The IMT (International Ministry Team) with Steve Murrel as the president, is the team that oversees and functions across international borders. The ALT (Apostolic Leadership Team) is the Southern African team that has oversight of churches in the Southern African context.

Roger Pearce, our Southern African apostolic leader, heads up the ALT. A team of about ten men who carry apostolic responsibilities across the region also serve on the ALT. Dave serves on the ALT representing the Eastern Cape sub-region. The main responsibilities and duties of the trans-local team that involves the Patria family are the planting of churches throughout the region and church/family health. Our involvement will be to serve on this trans-local team that functions in the Eastern Cape region.

Stelios NPC (PBO)

Stelios PBO was founded in George in 2015 by Pierre Ferreira, Rudi Steyn and Japie Lubbe. Pierre and Rudi have extensive corporate and project management experience as qualified engineers and directors. Japie has a doctorate in optometry and is an experienced business director.

During our corporate tenure, we felt the need to contribute to our communities in solving burning issues by donating financially and applying our skills set on a part time basis. Through this process we were struck by the immense scale of the need and recognised that for our contributions to be more effective, we would need to consolidate our efforts in a strong, accountable and transparent governance structure. The platform provided by the non-profit sector led to the process of the founding of Stelios as a public beneficiary organisation. Stelios PBO now enables us to make more effective interventions to address the scale of the need within good corporate governance structures. We have since left the private sector and are now dedicating all our resources and skills on a full-time basis to address specific needs in the Southern Cape. Stelios PBO has since grown significantly and our team members are dedicated, equipped and inspired individuals.

Our region is faced with various socio-economic challenges, including the breakdown of the family unit, inadequate education and training, unemployment, substance abuse and rising crime levels.

We currently have the following ministries as part of Stelios (each ministry has a department head overseeing and governing that ministry.):

  • Family Transformation Centre George – Counselling, Courses, Equipping, Mentoring & Caring
  • Beauty from Ashes – Helping woman in distress (Program-based journey to healing)
  • Rubies from the Dust (Foster-care program)
  • LIFE (Social rehabilitation of lives in distress – maturing characters emotionally)
  • FREE (Substance rehabilitation program-based ministry)
  • FATHERS for the CITY (Caring for a lost generation by producing love and care through a fathering program into the city)

Stelios PBO No: 930051467
Income Tax Ref No: 9351070181

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