About Us

Patria is a cluster of churches in the Southern Cape that forms part of Every Nation Ministries – an Apostolic movement that has a mission to honour God by establishing Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered, socially responsible churches and campus ministries in every nation.

We form part of this beautiful family of churches around the world that live out of an apostolic mandate to establish Kingdom-thinking and Kingdom-doing by loving others as Jesus did.

Patria was established (planted) on 14 August 1991 under the covering of IFCC. We moved apostolic covering in 2005 when we joined Every Nation.

Our name means “Family relating to the Father” from the Greek word.

Our Biblical World View:

The Christian story is founded on the story of God and His activity through history as narrated throughout the Bible. This is our Biblical world view:

  • The Beginning: God created a perfect world. People were the pinnacle of His creation. They were created to have a close relationship with God, and to steward the world.
  • The Fall: people rebelled against God. Their relationship with God was broken, which resulted in the brokenness of the human heart.
  • The Redemption: God did not abandon society, but initiated a rescue operation. Jesus came, so people would see who God really is. His rescue operation culminated when Jesus died on the cross. Then He established the church, so it would model what a restored creation looks like, and push back the forces of darkness in fulfillment of Jesus’ mission.
  • The Final End: when Christ comes again, all will be renewed, the world will reach its full potential, people will be resurrected and enjoy God’s presence and the new creation forever.

Eldership Team

Patria Family Church Eldership Team - Rudi & Renet Steyn

Rudi & Renet Steyn

Patria Family Church Eldership Team - Dave & Jill Hooper

Dave & Jill Hooper

Patria Family Church Eldership Team - Japie & Fransie Lubbe

Japie & Fransie Lubbe

Patria Family Church Eldership Team - Pierre & Ronell Ferreira

Pierre & Ronell Ferreira

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